I am a graphic designer, illustrator and artist living in Austin, TX, and my passion lies in telling stories. It’s likely that picture books made me love to draw at an early age, and today they remain some of my biggest inspirations. My heroes are still storytellers: Miyazaki, Sendak, Gorey, those who work in that special realm fueled by the imaginative cleverness of children.

I strive for simplicity in my work, but to tell the truth I usually end up carried away in the joy of mark-making and color and rich detail. While the battle between intention and what seems to be my own nature can be frustrating, I like to think that the complexity that arises organically in my work ends up being a strong point.

As my profession has grown to include a great deal of design (from infographics to stationery to brand identity), so my artwork has been influenced and my brain has been molded. I believe my experience as a graphic designer has strengthened my sense of harmony and balance, and fine tuned my ability to choose color.

In short, it’s a joy to make and share my work with you! If you'd like to talk projects or commissions, or just get in touch, email me at audrey.lovegren@utexas.edu.